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In November of 2022, I was honored to lead a group of 10 women from Amsterdam on our second year of growth journey with Momentum. We began with a trip to Israel funded by Ha'isha in partnership with Momentum.

From learning about Israel's innovation and contribution in Tel Aviv, to touring the mystical winding streets of Safed, Momentum gave us the opportunity to absorb Israel as a country  that was ours in the past, and our home in the present.

We sang, we danced, we cried and learned through fantastic lectures and  delicious meals. What started off as a trip to Israel, eased into a Momentum year, where our group met monthly, to connect, learn and welcome new women who wanted to share the journey with us.

Traveling on Momentum was a life changing experience for myself and the women who joined me. It is an experience I hope to share again with you, our future Momentum participants. Will you join us? I’ll be waiting for you!

Yours Truly, Chaya Evers

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