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HA'ISHA /ha . ee . shaa/ ; The woman


 HA'ISHA is a grassroots organization that was born on a wintery december in 2017.  We saw a need in our community, to empower Jewish women, who we believe are the greatest influencers of the Jewish people.  An idea was ignited and from that a flame began to flutter - HA'ISHA was born. In the months that followed we began to do groundwork, for beginning a new organization.

In March of 2019, we introduced our organization to the community. Since then we have been gathering together for events of learning and celebrating our Jewish heritage and identity. We also introduced Momentum, which is a journey that brings mother's to Israel for a one week trip with mother's from around the world. The trip continues as a Momentum year of  learning and connecting. This trip is funded by Ha'isha, together with its partner, Momentum. 


In November of 2019, we joined Momentum with five representatives from the Netherlands. We returned from this trip invigorated and convinced, that this trip is a journey that we need to share with more women in our community, and in March 2020, have opened registration for our upcoming trip in November 2020

Join our mission, join our journey. Together we are committed to empower and create a community of Jewish women who are celebrating their identity, learning and connecting to their rich Jewish heritage.  #itstartswithwomen
We look forward to greeting you at our next event!
Xxx Chaya Evers, Co-founder Stichting Ha'isha

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